Project: LAND


Owning land would help Kwagala in the following ways:

1. Farming. This is the biggest reason for us to buy land because of it's usefulness in the short-term and the positive effects it would bring in the long-term. Land would do wonders to help make Kwagala more sustainable locally. It would give us a large place to harvest corn, beans and other vegetables for the home. It would be place where we could raise chickens for eggs, goats and cows for milk. These efforts would greatly contribute to eliminating almost completely the expenses from what we pay for groceries. Farming would turn into an income generating project where we could sell what is grown in the local markets. We would also have more to give to the community and families of the children. In addition to all of this, It would be educational for the children who are passionate about farming and who have maxed out the space in the property we are currently renting. Lastly, it would increase our capacity to create jobs which are hard to come by for individuals in the community. The sustainability (this is HUGE), education/experience for the children and the jobs that a plot of land would bring into the picture through farming would be monumental in moving Kwagala forward.

Pictured above: Ronald and Sabasi maxing out the backyard of the property we are currently renting.

Pictured above: Ronald and Sabasi maxing out the backyard of the property we are currently renting.

2. A future home. Having land will enable us to eventually build a stable home to save on expenses in the long-term. We are currently spending $5,000/year in rent for the home we are currently renting.

Bugembe Hill.jpg

5. An outdoor chapel. We want to build a place to use for community bible studies, kids programs, life-skill programs with women - essentially a hub for community outreach. This would help as we would no longer need to seek permission locally since we will be doing it on our land. Discipleship is a part of who we are at our core.

4. A place for recreational outreach. With land we would have the opportunity to build a playground, volleyball courts or soccer fields which we would be able to open up to the community and use for outreach.

6. Opportunity for international teams. Since we are currently renting, it does not make sense for international teams to come and build projects within a place we do not own. Having land would enable us to have a place for teams to invest in by helping with the above projects.

Plots of land are constantly going on and off the market. The cost of land is increasing rapidly in Uganda. We are hoping to be able to raise enough funds to purchase by early Spring of 2019.