First picture taken with Emma in the slum of Masese  From left to right: Robbie, Emma, Raoul

First picture taken with Emma in the slum of Masese

From left to right: Robbie, Emma, Raoul

February 14, 2013 - Emma

On February we opened our doors for the first time to a six year old boy. Emma is from Masese, one of the poorest slums in Uganda. His mother passed away giving birth to him. His father is drunk almost 24/7 and doesn't care about or for him. His brother Gabriel, who has had the privilege of growing up in another home nearby, came to us after finding Emma on the street and asked if we could consider taking him.

We went with Gabriel to Masese, met with the leader of the village and arranged for him to come home with us to live.

The video below is of our first day with Emma, posted to our Youtube channel on February 15, 2013

One of our first meals before buying a table.  Bumali, Carlos, Joshua, Living's nose, Emma (left to right) 

One of our first meals before buying a table.

Bumali, Carlos, Joshua, Living's nose, Emma (left to right) 

February 15, 2013 - Joshua, Living, Bumali, Carlos

We welcomed four new boys off the street and into our family. Emma loves his new brothers. After some baths and new clothes we took our first family picture. 

The video below captures the moment when these four boys set foot in the home for the first time and met Emma who had arrived the day before. 

Living is 14 years old. His parents divorced when he was young because his father was abusive. He ended up staying with his father but was soon rejected so he was forced to move to the street. Living is one of the most responsible boys. He is always so reliable. He also has the biggest smile. Living loves to pray, he loves talking to his Heavenly Father very much.

Living on the street before Kwagala, January 2013

Bumali on the street before Kwagala, December 2012

Bumali is 14 years old. He was born into a family of four children. His father had a difficult job and began coping using alcohol and drugs. His mother died when he was young so they moved to a different village where his father remarried. Because of the situation at home he decided to run away to Jinja where he lived on the street. Bumali loves to joke with everyone; you can always distinguish his laugh. He has one of the biggest smiles and his eyes just light up.

Joshua before Kwagala, January 2013

Joshua is 8 years old and has a firecracker of a personality, he has so much energy! He is such a talented dancer. It comes naturally to him. He loves to joke with everyone.

Carlos is 12 years old. Carlos’ mother and father used to argue a lot so his mother told him to run away because she was afraid for his safety. He found a restaurant to work and sleep in. Carlos earned enough money to travel to another village where he ran into his mother. She took him in with her and her new man. His step father began to beat him so the mother sent him away to another father who was a witchdoctor. He also began to abuse him so Carlos decided to leave early in the morning for the streets of Jinja. Carlos is always goofing around. He is always happy and has a great deal of energy. We always talk about how well he would do in a drama class because he is such a good actor.

Carlos and Living on the street before Kwagala, January 2013

The video below is of when they first stepped into our home and the first couple days as family on February 15, 2013

February 28, 2013 - Joel (street name Dennis) 

The moment we knew we had to give Joel a home was when we heard the five boys we had at this point in their room praying for God to bring him into the home. Carlos, Bumali, Joshua and Living had known Joel from when they all used to live on the street.

He also may be known to some as the 'kid on the goat' in the Harlem Shake video we posted on youtube a few weeks before welcoming into our home (The video also has Living and Carlos in it who were also living on the street with him at that point).  

Joel slid right in with Emma and his old friends from the street, who are now his new brothers.

Six and counting!

First family photo with Joel. 

Joel is the boy with his tongue sticking out... Oh there's two... The other one is Carlos.... Joel is the boy with his tongue out on the left

The video below is of when he first entered our home

March 15, 2013


Ali and Bosco came to our home on the same day.

Ali lived on the street because of a father who was never home and a mother who didn't care for him. He has been sleeping on the streets since 2009.

He is very athletic. When he laughs, you always know it’s him. He is also a great freestyle rapper. 


Bosco is 13 years old. He is the youngest of three children. Their mother passed away when they were young. One day his father and the children decided to travel to go live with their aunt who needed help. Bosco ended up being the only one to board the bus but didn’t realize until it was too late. That was the last time he saw his family.

A man took him in and fed him but soon began to abuse him and made him work on an empty stomach. He stole money and was caught so he was taken to a child restoration organization where he met other street kids and where we met him. 

This is a video of when Ali and Bosco first came to live in our home on March 15,  2013

On April 2, 2013 we welcomed the ninth boy into our family. Ronald, 11 years old, is no more welcomed in the home of his grandma, where he lived after the death of his parents. From the street, to transit centers, he is now with us and has a place to finally call home. 

On September 15 we welcomed Daniel, the tenth member of our family. Daniel’s father passed away and he was left to stay with his mother together with his step-sister and step-brother. He has been on and off the street since 2008. Daniel, like Emma, is from Masese a slum outside of Jinja, Uganda. He is 14 years old. 


We welcomed Sabasi and Waiswa (Kegezi) into our home early March of 2014.

Sabasi and Waiswa

Sabasi and Waiswa

On April 19, 2014 we welcomed Muzafaru into our family of the street. He has been rejected by his family and needed a home. We were told about him by Jinja Connection, an organization here in Jinja, Uganda who home traces street children. Before Kwagala, Muzafaru had never slept on a bed. 

First family photo with Muzafaru

First family photo with Muzafaru

Brian and Muzafaru

Brian and Muzafaru

Muzafaru and Robbie

Muzafaru and Robbie